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Another Fail with Cebu Pacific Air

Last December 18, 2014, I received a text message from Cebu Pacific that my flight on January 14, 2015 “has been changed due to aircraft situation.” I got this ticket in their famous “Peso Sale” way back June 2014. I also received an email from them and they even attempted to call me but I was not able to get it.

From 2:45 PM, the flight was moved to 2:20 PM, sure, just a mere 25 minutes difference. But when you are travelling prior to your flight, you do not want to risk the 25 minutes. So I decided to rebook my flight instead. I have been flying frequently and have experienced this changes in CEB and in other airlines before and I was rebooked for free, no hassles.

When I called their hotline, I got the shock of my life when I was told that I have no options but to fly in that flight or to forfeit my ticket. Those were the free options. But wait, I can rebook or request for a refund, but, FOR A FEE! I have to pay additional 1,200 pesos to rebook to another flight or to have my money back. I told the CSR that I think it is against the law and I will just call back after I read the Passenger Bill of Rights. In fairness to that 1st CSR, she did offer me a travel fund, but I want my money cash, not in any travel fund because I do not want to fly with CEB anymore (I have 3 more RT tickets left).

After an hour, I called back and presented the same scenario. The same reason was given, that it was just a “minor adjustment.” I insisted that when you are travelling, 25 minutes is already significant. I do not live in the airport! I have to travel by land prior to the flight! The 2nd CSR put me on hold for so long I got tired, I dropped the call. And take note, he refute the claim of the 1st CSR that I can opt for the travel fund.

I was not satisfied so after 2 hours, I called again. This time, a gentle 3rd CSR was on the other end. I presented the situation and these are the options presented:

1.       I have to be on the flight (which is 25 minutes earlier than the original)
2.       I will give up my ticket without compensation (meaning I donate my money to them)
3.       Rebook with an additional fee of 1200 pesos
4.       Cancellation with a fee of 1200 pesos

Imagine those options, harap harapang panloloko. It is not even forces of nature; it is the airlines fault that the flight was rescheduled! When she said that it was “voluntary cancellation,” I was not able to control myself and uttered some profanities. She offered me another option though, she will escalate the situation and request for a waiver of the fees. She instructed me to call after 24 hours.

They keep insisting that the 25 minutes is just a "little adjustment," when in fact even if you are in front of them 45 minutes before the ETD of your flight, they close the check-in counter insisting that it is already 45-minutes, your are late and you have to book another ticket. Yes, I am speaking from experience. 

I sure wish the action would be positive. There are only two airlines flying to our planes and the other one is expensive. Truly, along with a cheap fare is a cheap service. From the booking of the ticket, there are already the attempted panloloko (Read article here). I am not that gullible, I know the business strategies of some companies. Well, I just wish that more airlines will invest in our country, so that there would be more competitions.


#50kOn2015 Challenge!!!

Last 2014, I have introduced the Project 104, wherein every payday, 15th and 30th of the month for most of us, we set aside a certain percentage of our salary for our savings. As for me, at the end of the year, I have saved a six-digit figure. I wished some of you too have been doing that project with me.

For this year, I am introducing the #50kOn2015 Challenge! In this money challenge, I urge you to save every week. I have outlined a schedule (every Monday) wherein we will set aside first a hundred, then two hundred and so on until it becomes 1000 pesos. When we reached the 1000-peso-week, by this time we have become used to budgeting and spending what is left with our salaries. This will be our maximum weekly savings since not all of us are earning big and a 1000-peso savings a week is already a significant amount.

On the following weeks, we will continue to save 1000 pesos per week until November 30 when we increase it to 1500 pesos, up until the last week, making our savings a total of 50,000 pesos!

Now to make this more exciting, think of a thing or project to which you will be spending this money for. From my experience before, if I do not have a prior plan for a savings, I end up being sick and using the saved up money in the hospital.

For this #50kOn2015 Challenge, I will be using the money for a new laptop or, if my Brawny is still working by that time (I hope so!), this will be used for a trip abroad, possibly for a White Christmas.

So, do you accept the challenge? Let us all save 50,000 pesos by the end of 2015!

Meet the World, 



Excited For The Legend Villas

Yet another customer service experience for me this week. I was suppose to attend a seminar/workshop organized by our professional organization to be held at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong. I was so excited to attend the said seminar and was even more delighted when my manager approved my attendance. I immediately processed my training request forms and other documents necessary for the said dates. When the money was already deposited to my account and my plane ticket was already booked, I immediately called The Legend Villas to book a room. I was afraid it would be fully booked due to the attendees of the said training. They offered me a very nice room at a very good price. I reserved the room and to ensure my reservation, I paid the full price of a night’s stay.

Five days before the training, and deadline for the payment to The Legend, I received an email from the organizers that the training was cancelled due to “unavoidable reasons.” I was shocked, since I already planned everything and that I already have paid for the plane ticket and the hotel! I immediately called The Legend and ask if I can still cancel my booking and ask for a refund (by the way I paid Php 3,800). I was already very anxious, since that week I have struggled with customer service of Cebu Pacific and customer service of my prepaid loading system and another customer service related to my job.

A very courteous and polite Reservations officer named Pol assisted me. I told him the situation and he assured me that the least they could offer was a rebooking, but he would still try to explain to their management that the seminar I was attending to be held at their hotel was cancelled and that I am not from Manila which is impossible for me to stay at their hotel unless I fly to the country’s capital.

I could feel Pol’s effort and his commitment to please the customer. He promised me that there would me a reply on the next working day. Came Monday morning, I send a text message and an email for a follow up. And lo and behold, no questions asked, no insisting on my part, I was asked for my bank details for the return of my payment. I was just impressed by this company. When in fact they have the right to refuse refund, but they understood my location and gave back to me an amount I would have been losing. I hope all companies are like The Legend Hotels, they look for the satisfaction of their clients. For this, I commend Pol and Bryan, and I commend this hotel. I wish I could stay here in the future. I am sure I will and a good review will be waiting, with staff like this, a stay in their hotel would be awesome!

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