Malaybalay City - Kaamulan Grounds

Kaamulan is a famous festival in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon that happens around February to March every year. It is just appropriate to call a certain spot in the city after the famous festival. One of the beautiful spots to relax in Malaybalay is the Kaamulan Grounds. It is an open field full of pine and other trees. The pine trees make the place cool even on a sunny day.

pine trees and lush green grass
It is a very good place to relax and feel the breeze of cool air. It is accessible by public transportation. Others also use this venue for jogging or exercise. You could also see horse back riders in the area. I came here with a very good friend during one lazy afternoon. We did a dry picnic with pizza, chips and some drinks and savor the peace and serenity of the area.
even the dog relaxes in the place
There is a gymnasium in the area that is a venue for concerts, beauty pageants and other big events. Also in the park are houses that represents the tribes in Bukidnon. The provincial tourism office of Bukidnon can also be found in this area. 

up close to the different houses
The place is ideal for friends, lovers and families. Be sure to bring a mat or a cloth to be laid down on the ground for a picnic. Never leave garbage and other wastes. 

How to go:
  • From the city proper, there are several tricycles. Ask the driver to bring you to Kaamulan Grounds.
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