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I have always wanted to go to other places to try different types of adventures. Good thing that my home city has its own, and near the city proper at that.  Jatico Adventures is located at Barangay Bayanga, Cagayan de Oro City. My friend and I went there not knowing how to.So we went to the tourism kiosk in Divisoria asking the in-charge there. We called up Jatico and they said that they will provide transportation for a minimal fee if you are in a group and you should arrange with them first. We decided to commute and went to the Talakag jeepney terminal in Carmen. People in CDO are generally friendly and helpful (being "City of Golden Friendship"), so all you have to do is ask politely and they are more than willing to assist you.

We ride the jeepney and specifically asked the driver to drop us off at Jatico. Good thing our fellow passengers are helpful and also reminded us that we are near our destination and that we are still to hire a motorcycle or habalhabal to get to the site. You should talk to the habalhabal driver to pick you up at a certain time and then ride the same jeepney back to the city proper.

at the welcome sign with my friend Hazel
the way up is really a cardio exercise!

Jatico offers several adventure package. I chose the 5-course zipline, bungee tramp and the hanging bridge. I paid Php 500 for this package (plus free bottled water). The adventure starts upon climbing up to the site itself. From the welcome sign, you will walk up around 5 minutes to arrive at the reception area.  
 the zipline ride is not as scary as the once I have tried in Davao;
good for beginners 
The 5-course zipline is good but really not that scary. The adrenaline level accelerates from point J to point O (points are J-A-T-I-C-O). This would be a very good course for beginners before trying out longer ziplines in other places in the country. There is the hanging bridge which connects two big trees. It is quite scary! But what really impressed me most is the bungee tramp. It is my first time to try this ride and I really enjoyed it. You must try it so that you can experience the feeling of being thrown up in the air and falling down freely.
little hanging bridge
I totally enjoyed this
bungee tramp,
I want to do this forever!
While trying out the rides, we got to walk over and appreciate the beauty of the place. The air is so cold and it is very relaxing. Later did I found out that part of the Jatico property is the Mahayahay peak which offers a 360 degree view of the city.

the view above and the cool air,
worth it all

Excitingly, I have reached a peak! Hayahay peak
which offers a 360 degree view of the city

Today, Jatico has more rides and adventures. It is even more famous for companies that conduct team building activity. They also have a camp site, pool, restaurant and huts for accommodation. I am very proud that Cagayan de Oro now has Jatico Adventures to offer to tourists activities that are worth coming back to.

How to go:

  • Ride a jeepney going to Carmen Market. Ask around where the terminal for the Talakag liners.
  • Ride the Talakag liner and specifically ask the konductor or driver to drop you off at the crossing going to Jatico at Barangay Bayanga.
  • At the crossing, look for a motorcycle or if there is none, ask at the store near there.
  • Ride the motorcycle and agree with the driver for you to be picked up at a certain time. Usually, they will suggest to pick you up around 4pm when you are not staying overnight. 
  • For adventurers in group, you can call Jatico ahead so that they can schedule and arrange a vehicle that will pick you up at divisoria. Fee is still economical.

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