Cebu Pacific Air -- Customer Service Failed!

With the nature of my job, I ride in a plane on an average of 48 times per year. 90% of this, I ride with Cebu Pacific Air due to their cheap flights and frequent promos. I used to fly with Airasia before but unfortunately, they have cancelled their route to my hometown. Yeah I sleep at the airport and live in my suitcase.

I have learned to love CEB as they are my home in the sky. I have shared to friends to patronize this airline. They boast of their prompt arrival and good services. I can even recognize the name of the pilots and faces of the flight attendants have become familiar. I can almost memorize their spiels on the flight. I frequently won the in-flight games as these were almost the same in each month.

Until recently, I experience a not so good interaction with them. I have a flight to Cebu on October with a friend. A month before the said flight, I received a text message that my flight is cancelled, and that we have an option either to rebook or refund the tickets. My friend and I decided that we will not continue with the trip. So our option would be the refund. I did not act on it immediately as it is still a month away. CEB finally called me but I was in a meeting so I asked for a callback, they refused, so I told them that I will be the one to call.

Just today, since I am clearing off my debts, I remember that I still have some refundable from CEB. So I called the hotline and then my blood pressure rose with the Reservations Officer who entertained me. I will not name her here, to “protect her” or whomever it is that owned that name.

I asked for a callback and she refused, so I decided to continue the call from my mobile phone even if it will cost me. I told Eloisa the situation and what pissed me off at first was that she is not sure of what to do. She always puts me on hold. Finally, she told me that a refund is not possible since the flight was just moved to another flight with a 55 minute difference. I told her I cannot continue with the flight as it would ruin my schedule. She told me that they can refund but “with applicable charges.” Hello! My ticket is promo lang po, worth 1500 pesos, e di ubos yun sa charge. I insisted that I have done it before pero sabi talaga nya hindi pwede, after several “hold the line please” perhaps to ask her seatmate.

I got so pissed of that I dropped the call after I asked her full name. I ranted on twitter and CEB snobbed me for a few minutes. Nang nagmura na ako, saka sila nag reply, they asked for my booking reference number. I told them to follow me so that I can DM the ref. no. and until now there was no reply. I am not dumb to share publicly such information.

I decided to call again the hotline hoping that Eloisa is not around and could not answer the phone. Finally, a certain Georgina answered and she did my request with few questions. Instantly! I mean hello Cebu Pacific, why would you hire employees who does not know their job? She even called me back after our convo was cut off because finally, my top up was consumed.

I am a frequent flier and I already know most of the pasikot sikot para hindi ako maloko ng airline. May isa pa akong reklamo ha, but it will be in another post! Yes, I already submitted a complaint to your portal or whatever you call it but I doubt if there will be an action. Afterall, you did not act on the complaint of my friend after you left alone an eight-year-old unaccompanied child to wander on her own when in fact you were paid to handle her.

I would still fly with you as you are really cheap. Cheap fare, cheap service! But do not attempt to rob from me na harap harapan ha? 1582.04 pesos lang pero ilang oras ko yang pag tatrabahuan at hindi ko pinupulot ang pera. I just hope that you give the good service that you brag about.

I wrote this blog post to extend to other people that if the airline cancels your flight, you can get your money back, full amount, you do not have to pay “applicable charges.” If an airline moves your flight, even one minute different from the one you book, you have the option for refund or rebooking, no questions asked. I have experienced this with CEB and Airasia, if you won’t insist, they would assume you’re ignorant and it is money lost for you. I wish I would be rich enough to fly with PAL, their service is really good. 

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