Excited For The Legend Villas

Yet another customer service experience for me this week. I was suppose to attend a seminar/workshop organized by our professional organization to be held at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong. I was so excited to attend the said seminar and was even more delighted when my manager approved my attendance. I immediately processed my training request forms and other documents necessary for the said dates. When the money was already deposited to my account and my plane ticket was already booked, I immediately called The Legend Villas to book a room. I was afraid it would be fully booked due to the attendees of the said training. They offered me a very nice room at a very good price. I reserved the room and to ensure my reservation, I paid the full price of a night’s stay.

Five days before the training, and deadline for the payment to The Legend, I received an email from the organizers that the training was cancelled due to “unavoidable reasons.” I was shocked, since I already planned everything and that I already have paid for the plane ticket and the hotel! I immediately called The Legend and ask if I can still cancel my booking and ask for a refund (by the way I paid Php 3,800). I was already very anxious, since that week I have struggled with customer service of Cebu Pacific and customer service of my prepaid loading system and another customer service related to my job.

A very courteous and polite Reservations officer named Pol assisted me. I told him the situation and he assured me that the least they could offer was a rebooking, but he would still try to explain to their management that the seminar I was attending to be held at their hotel was cancelled and that I am not from Manila which is impossible for me to stay at their hotel unless I fly to the country’s capital.

I could feel Pol’s effort and his commitment to please the customer. He promised me that there would me a reply on the next working day. Came Monday morning, I send a text message and an email for a follow up. And lo and behold, no questions asked, no insisting on my part, I was asked for my bank details for the return of my payment. I was just impressed by this company. When in fact they have the right to refuse refund, but they understood my location and gave back to me an amount I would have been losing. I hope all companies are like The Legend Hotels, they look for the satisfaction of their clients. For this, I commend Pol and Bryan, and I commend this hotel. I wish I could stay here in the future. I am sure I will and a good review will be waiting, with staff like this, a stay in their hotel would be awesome!

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