#50kOn2015 Challenge!!!

Last 2014, I have introduced the Project 104, wherein every payday, 15th and 30th of the month for most of us, we set aside a certain percentage of our salary for our savings. As for me, at the end of the year, I have saved a six-digit figure. I wished some of you too have been doing that project with me.

For this year, I am introducing the #50kOn2015 Challenge! In this money challenge, I urge you to save every week. I have outlined a schedule (every Monday) wherein we will set aside first a hundred, then two hundred and so on until it becomes 1000 pesos. When we reached the 1000-peso-week, by this time we have become used to budgeting and spending what is left with our salaries. This will be our maximum weekly savings since not all of us are earning big and a 1000-peso savings a week is already a significant amount.

On the following weeks, we will continue to save 1000 pesos per week until November 30 when we increase it to 1500 pesos, up until the last week, making our savings a total of 50,000 pesos!

Now to make this more exciting, think of a thing or project to which you will be spending this money for. From my experience before, if I do not have a prior plan for a savings, I end up being sick and using the saved up money in the hospital.

For this #50kOn2015 Challenge, I will be using the money for a new laptop or, if my Brawny is still working by that time (I hope so!), this will be used for a trip abroad, possibly for a White Christmas.

So, do you accept the challenge? Let us all save 50,000 pesos by the end of 2015!

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  1. I would like to, but given my money for work which is only enough to support my family, I dont think this is feasible. I'll start somewhere smaller.

    1. Thanks for the reply. You can start small too! You can divide it by 10, so by the end of the year you will have 5000 pesos. That is already big! Good luck and keep us posted with your #5kon2015


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