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I have been hearing about Malagos Garden Resort for quite some time already. However, while I was living in Davao for two years, I was not able to drop by this place. Malagos is located at Calinan, Davao City. It is located a mere hour drive from downtown. It can be reached by a private vehicle or a public transportation.

Recently, I have a business transaction in Calinan area. Being a wanderlust, I see to it that I incorporated a side trip during this time. When I researched the place, I was excited that a garden resort is in the area. From Calinan proper, there are several habal habal for hire. You just have to ask around and people are more than willing to assist you. I was charged Php 30 from the highway to Malagos. 
garden in the true definition of the word
Upon arrival, I was impressed by the resort's reception area. It was full of antiques and art works. The day tour costs me Php 100. There are also packages with lunch or with snacks. I went there on a weekday so there were no or few people around. I was starting to ask myself if the place is still on business. The front desk personnel is not very accommodating. I thought I was to be accompanied by a guide or something. After all, there are animals and plants in the area that could be stolen or played at. Realizing that I have to tour the place on my own, I ask for a map, which is not so clear but otherwise useful.

the supposed Butterfly Sanctuary
During that time, there are no things really worth the payment. The name speaks for itself. Garden. So many plants. There is a butterfly sanctuary but I only saw few butterflies. There were few animals. I saw horses, an ostrich in an open fence, several chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters and others that I perhaps missed. I was already discouraged and I started to regret paying Php 100 for things I can see in other places in a much lesser amount.
the pool, playground and a view deck
Still wandering the place, I came across a dome and heard chirping of birds, I was excited! The gate is ajar and I saw a man inside. I ask if I could go in and he simply said yes. There, I saw the worth of what I paid. I have already said several times that I am not an animal person but I was so amazed by the different kinds of birds that I saw. They were colorful and playful! You can almost touch them and they even played for the camera. Its as if they know pictures were taken and they will pose.
birds are so playful, they pose for the camera!
I enjoyed this part of the tour. I took several photos (of course no flash as this will upset them). I spent more than 30 minutes inside the bird dome. Too bad there were no descriptions of the bird there. Most are free to fly inside the dome while others, I guess the unique or dangerous ones are put in a cage. 
these different birds amazed me
The habal habal driver said that more people are visiting on weekends when there are shows. According to the brochure, there are also several activities in the area. You can do zipline, trampoline and horseback riding. There is also a restaurant, a pool and a playground. Several rooms and huts are also available for overnight guests. Maybe I did not feel welcome when I was there, but hey, the birds did welcome me with their colors and playfulness!

How to go:
  • From the Bankerohan terminal, ride a van going to Calinan
  • At the terminal in Calinan, look around for single motorcycles for hire or habal habal (Php 30 per head)
  • Ask the driver to bring you to Malagos
  • After Malagos, you can also go to the Philippine Eagle farm, (I was not able to go since it was going to rain)
  • Going home, take the same route, single motorcycles can be found anywhere
  • For more info, you can visit their website here
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