Iligan City -- Mimbalot Falls

I recently reformatted my phone and while I browsed the files to be transferred to my hard drive, I came across the photos I have while visiting another falls in Iligan City. Aside from Ma. Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls, Iligan also has another majestic waterfall located in Barangay Buru-un, Mimbalot Falls. 
there are rocks everywhere so be careful

too bad I was not dressed to swim!

Mimbalot Falls is not so famous yet. I think only the locals know of the place. I have been living in Iligan for more than four years and just learned about the said falls. Anyway, this falls is accessible to the public. I went there with my cousin and we easily arrived at the place using public transportation. It was a spur of the moment decision so we were not dressed properly, meaning, I wore shoes and brought no change of clothes, thus we were not able to swim.
you can bring foods in the area and eat here
We were alone when we arrive at the falls. I felt a bit creepy at first but then after 20 minutes, another group of visitors arrived and they got to swim! Anyway, when going there, you can bring your own food as there are table and chairs available. You can eat while swimming but be sure not to leave your wastes and garbage. 
I can't get enough of the beautiful place
Visiting Mimbalot Falls brings you up close to nature. You can hear the water fall and can even swim very near it. Iligan City is truly the city of majestic waterfalls.

How to go:
  • From any point in Cagayan de Oro City, ride a taxi or any Bulua jeepney to bring you to Bulua Bus Terminal.
  • Choose any bus that says "Iligan"
  • From Iligan Bus Terminal, ride any jeepney going to "syudad." Or you can ride a taxi. Ask the driver to drop you off near Jollibee main branch where there is a jeepney going to Buru-un.
  • Request the driver to drop you off at the Iligan City School of Fisheries. There is a road beside the school that will lead you to the falls.
note: these photos are way back 2007 and taken with my N70 phone

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  1. dha midaghan among mga kaliwat shei sa Mimbalot area.


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